SPB CITY EVENT is a leader in the organization Proms in St. Petersburg! Unique large-scale concert program with participation of the professional, star show-bands, leading from RADIO MAXIMUM, leading theatres: Lensoveta, BDT, well-known film actors, popular music, dance groups and artists of original genre in 2015

SPB CITY EVENT organized more than 800 Proms or more than 4000 Graduates of St. Petersburg participated in our events and Leningrad region participated in the program the prom with the captain of the Club.

Clever, thought to every little thing the program will allow you to save moments Prom 2015, which will remain in memory for years to come, its interesting, unique, large-scale program prom.

Choosing SPB CITY EVENT is for you to contact a reliable partner with extensive experience in the organization Proms, with knowledge of the Proms. Every year we find something new that allows you to match the program today.

SPB CITY EVENT - RECOMMEND US to YOUR FRIENDS since 1996, and in 2015 our program You will love it.

Carpet school press-wall, photo shoot on Elagin island, extensive entertainment program with participation of stars of the Russian show business, yachts and limousines.

Script Prom is developed individually for each class.

To learn more You can by phone: 924-69-00.


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